Elevate Your Bar Program

The crystal clear choice for elevating ice programs in bars/restaurants at a reasonable price with no hassle or contracts. Have your events stand out with unique, awesome branding! @WestCoastIcePro


2″ Clear Cubes
2.125″ Clear Cubes
Clear Cuboids
Clear Rectangular Prisms
Clear 5″ Punch Cubes
25lbs Clear Ice Chunks
Custom Rectangular Sizes Available
Clear 2.5″ Spheres
Clear LOGO cubes
Clear LOGO Punch Chunks

Our Story

We supply bar/restaurants with the means to deliver crystal clear, dense ice to their guests. We can cut our ice to ANY size and rectangular shape to fit your glassware. We also sell larger chunks for punch bowls or if you’d like to break it down Japanese style.

We deliver to your bar(s)/events, take your inventory and offer prompt and reliable delivery based on your individual needs and will provide a weekly (or monthly) program for your establishment without requiring a term commitment.. We are not a subscription service and will never lock you in a contract.

We offer unique options for events. We are currently the only ice vendor that is able to offer logos and symbols INSIDE crystal clear ice cubes and punch chunks! Check us out on Liquor.com!

Our background is in hospitality so our number one goal is to make this easier for YOU without your overall beverage costs spiraling out of control.